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    You book scheduled flights to save time; after all, flights ought to be the shortest route between any two locations. Yet far too often you have to spend your precious time waiting at airports or on long drives from the airport to the actual destination of your journey.

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    Jet Management

    Purchasing your own business jet you are creating freedom for yourself that will remain unavailable to customers of scheduled flights. Independence, flexibility and gain of time is a true luxury associated with the privilege of buying a private aircraft.

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    Our Values

    EUROP STAR is an Austrian based company that has implemented a course of strong growth in the last 10 years.

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    The Fleet

    State-of-the-art Business jets:

    • Global Express VP-CBM
    • Global 5000 VP-CBF
    • Challenger 604 OE-IAA
    • Embraer Legacy 600 OE-IDH
    • Embrear Legacy 600 OE-IRK
    • Falcon 2000 EX OE-HGM
    • Falcon 2000 OE-HBG
    • Challenger 300 9H-SMI
    • Gulfstream G150 9H-JET
    • Citation XLS OE-GWV
    • Citation XLS OE-GDA
    • Citation CJ3 D-CELE
    • Premier 1 9H-FWW
    • Eclipse 500


    International connections -  Locations all over Europe:

    • Moscow
    • Kiew
    • Vienna
    • Klagenfurt
    • Dresden
    • Cologne
    • Malta
    • Milan
    • Lugano
    • Geneva
    • Riga


    24/7 support via phone or e-mail.
    +43 463 420268 11