Technical Management

    Security – in the best of hands

    Good business relationships like successful partnerships are grounded on trust. Our customers trust us with the most precious things in life - we fly them and those they love. We are aware of this responsibility. For that reason security is one of the pillars of our corporate culture.

    EUROP STAR complies and often exceeds the world's most stringent safeguards.

    For this reason our team of experienced technical experts makes sure that your aircraft is maintained according to all safety regulations and guidelines. This gives you the reassuring feeling of having your aircraft in a technically perfect condition, saving you from unexpected costs and preserving its value.

    Our Technical Jet Management includes the following services:

    • Keeping the aircraft in a technically perfect condition
    • Monitoring the overall technical conditions
    • Setting up and monitoring planned maintenance schedules according to the manufacturers' instructions
    • Control of mandatory inspections
    • Preparing technical budgets and cost control
    • Guaranteed value preservance


    International connections -  Locations all over Europe:

    • Moscow
    • Kiev
    • Vienna
    • Klagenfurt
    • Dresden
    • Cologne
    • Malta
    • Milan
    • Lugano
    • Geneva
    • Riga


    24/7 support via phone or e-mail.
    +43 463 420268 11