Financial Management

    You must not run after money, you must go to meet it. (A. Onassis)

    Even if money is not paramount to our customers, we feel that we are committed to protect the value of your investment: with accurate service and maintenance, following the manufacturers' instructions, we guarantee maximum value preservation for your aircraft. In ongoing operations it is our ambition to help our clients to save money. The fact, that our clients are wealthy individuals does not mean that we are not doing our best to negotiate better prices for the services we hire. Working economically with our clients' resources also means organizing costs for operation, service and maintenance transparently.

    Our Financial Jet Management consists of following services:

    • Putting cost control centre stage
    • Developing transparent budgets for operation, service and maintenance according to your requirements
    • Working closely with your chief pilot
    • Negotiating discounts with suppliers in order to reduce operating costs
    • Continuous budgetary control and review of costs
    • Detailed and transparent financial reports


    International connections -  Locations all over Europe:

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    • Milan
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