Security & Certification

    Our private and business customers demand outstanding performance and EUROP STAR's goal is to fulfil these requirements and exceed all expectations.

    For that reason we are on the forefront of the development. We are dedicated to exceed them wherever reasonably possible and we constantly invest in strengthening our safety and quality management.

    For this reason, our aircraft is maintained according to the most stringent safety regulations and guidelines. We operate our state-of-the-art aircraft in compliance with the strict safety requirements of the commercial JAR-OPS1 aviation standards.

    Due to their geographical characteristics smaller airports place high demands on the pilot´s competences; whether as a result of the airports location at high altitude or within mountainous areas or the short length of the runway. At EUROP STAR we have all the certificates required to serve these airports whilst guaranteeing our passengers and jets' safety.

    In order to guarantee the highest possible safety on EUROP STAR flights, all our pilots continually take part in further trainings.

    We put effort into offering the highest level of quality and safety which enables us to provide our customers with the best service.


    International connections -  Locations all over Europe:

    • Moscow
    • Kiev
    • Vienna
    • Klagenfurt
    • Dresden
    • Cologne
    • Malta
    • Milan
    • Lugano
    • Geneva
    • Riga


    24/7 support via phone or e-mail.
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