Our Values


    EUROP STAR is an Austrian based company - on the path of growth.

    Today we have locations in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Moscow, Kiev, Riga, Milan, Malta, Lugano and Geneva, operating one of the most modern fleets in the European Private & Business Aviation Industry.

    The growth of the last years has enabled us to offer our clients of cost-effective and high-quality flights throughout Europe. At the same time we have invested extensively in strengthening our safety and quality management. This benefits not only our charter clients, whose flights are processed via our Operational Control Centre (OCC) in Malta. In particular our Jet Management clients are valuing the discreet and attentive service which is tailored to their personal demands. Not least because of our customer-centred service the company has never lost a single customer.

    In the course of our everyday work we have been guided by the statement of one of our first Jet Management customers. During a dinner with business partners he explained the reason, why he trusts the pros at EUROP STAR with the management of his jet: “Because I don´t want to hear excuses.” Five years later this customer has become investor and partner in the operation.

    Our values are based on two important cornerstones. One is the passion for flying and professionalism in detail that shapes our work. The other is our endeavour to ensure the high level of quality our customers can expect.

    EUROP STAR customers are responsible – for companies, employees; for society; for their families. They perform better and have to balance high private and work-related responsibilities – without falling by the wayside. For private and work-related reasons those individuals have to travel a lot. They know how precious time is and they can afford to make use of a private aircraft´s advantages.

    Since 1999 we have come a long way. We have grown and we will continue to evolve, because we want to constantly increase our service and be the best provider in the execution of flights and jet management. We want to make flying the most pleasant way of travelling for you.


    International connections -  Locations all over Europe:

    • Moscow
    • Kiev
    • Vienna
    • Klagenfurt
    • Dresden
    • Cologne
    • Malta
    • Milan
    • Lugano
    • Geneva
    • Riga


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