You book scheduled flights to save time; after all, flights ought to be the shortest route between any two locations. Yet far too often you have to spend your precious time waiting at airports or on long drives from the airport to the actual destination of your journey.

    Traveling with EUROP STAR is quite the opposite. We´ll arrange your optimal travel route to suit your individual needs. It is your schedule that determines our flight plan, and, thanks to our modern aircraft fleet, you are provided with significantly more airports than you would be otherwise.

    In Central Europe alone there are more than 500 smaller airports that cannot be reached by large airlines or big jets. Using a private aircraft, 103,000 city-pairs can be connected in Europe, i.e. more than 3 times the city-pairs provided by scheduled carriers. Actually, 96% of these city-pairs are not served in a regular way by scheduled air transport.

    Flying with EUROP STAR provides you with the highest degree of

    • Independence

    Your schedule and travel destination determines our flight plan. Therefore you determine when and with whom you fly. Leave the stress and chaos of airports behind.

    • Time Saving

    When you are flying with a private jet you are provided with significantly more airports than with scheduled carriers. We fly you directly to your destination. You save yourself annoying stop-offs and long journeys by car. At the same time you can connect different cities individually, helping you to use your time more efficiently.

    • Flexibility

    We are able to react immediately to changes in your time schedule – even if you are already on your route. This allows you to react flexible and fast to unforeseen events.

    • Service & Discretion

    EUROP STAR is the private airline of choice for numerous successful people from the worlds of art, culture and economics. They all appreciate not only our customer-centred service but also the discreet way we plan and execute their travel.

    • Safety

    Our customers’ safety is of utmost importance in our daily flight operations. For that reason our internal quality management system is oriented towards the aviation's highest safety standards and outperforms those requirements in multiple ways. All our pilots are carefully chosen and undergo a rigorous training program. Naturally, our aircraft is maintained according to the most stringent safety regulations and guidelines.

    Depending on your individual requirements we can offer you customized travel solutions.

    Go where you want, whenever you want - keep your schedule flexible and seize the day. Our terms and conditions can be found here.


    International connections -  Locations all over Europe:

    • Moscow
    • Kiev
    • Vienna
    • Klagenfurt
    • Dresden
    • Cologne
    • Malta
    • Milan
    • Lugano
    • Geneva
    • Riga


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