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    Aircraft Sales

    Purchasing or selling an aircraft is a complex process. Every client is unique and every aircraft is used differently. EUROP STAR's Aircraft Sales will assist you through all your buying or selling requirements.

    We offer a complete range of aircraft brokerage services to support individuals and corporations in either purchasing or selling a business aircraft.

    Acquisition Consulting

    To find the ideal business jet it is essential to have a personal understanding of your individual requirements. Depending on criteria such as intended purpose, flying hours, expected size and others, we help you to identify the right aircraft at the right price.
    Based on a detailed requirements analysis we conduct a model selection analysis, which allows you to select the appropriate aircraft model for the mission-specific circumstances. Currently, the existing aircraft market is a buyer’s market. Clients see the advantage of buying existing business jets at attractive prices. In a comprehensive and detailed market analysis we create a shortlist of pre-owned aircrafts that meet your individual requirements.
    Our technical experts are thoroughly conducting all necessary pre-purchase inspections to protect your investment and to exclude all potential risks. Through the buying process we provide expert guidance in price negotiation to achieve the best purchase price, we also evaluate the financing options and facilitate all aspects of closing.

    • Cessna Citation ISP FJ44 Eagle II

      Dear valued Customer!

      Thank you for your interest in our 1978 Cessna Citation ISP FJ44 Eagle II which we offer for sale exclusively.

      Please enjoy several high quality pictures on the right hand side.


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